Roberta Crivellaro Partner and Head of the Italian Practice

Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to talk about my country. It is therefore a great pleasure to introduce this short guide to Italy, its pleasures and opportunities.

Some aspects will be familiar. Italy’s cultural heritage needs no introduction and nor do our football teams. The stereotype that Italians are obsessed with food, growing, preparing and sharing it with a passion that borders the religious, is perfectly true.

Yet it was also important to us to share with you a side of Italy that is rarely seen abroad. The thriving industry. The impressive infrastructure. The high-quality academics. These areas too have their appeal to international investors; perhaps the more so for being less widely known. And the government is actively welcoming foreign nationals through its non-dom visa scheme, which brings all the benefits of EU citizenship as well as the joys of Italian living.

If you do conclude that Italy is a place worth living and investing in, our teams here in Milan and Padua can offer on-the-ground assistance across almost any legal matter.

Now all that remains to say is benvenuto - welcome to Italy!

Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to talk about my country

Living and investing in this beautiful country

With breathtakingly beautiful scenery, thousands of miles of coastline and the finest food and wine, Italy provides something for everybody. Our short video explains why so many people are choosing to make Italy their home.

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